Mortein LED Insecticide Refill (30 Nights) - Pack Of 2

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Get products here Mortein LED is a slow release mosquito repellent that works by heating the liquid with the electrical device to release vapour continuously which keeps repelling for 30 nights (8-hr each night) to give you a continuous protection against insects for a peaceful night sleep.
Mortein LED offers 100% continuous protection from dengue/malaria mosquitoes. It’s TFT formula starts working in 5 minutes and the liquid vaporizer refill lasts for 30 nights on approved use of 8 hours per night. Starts protection from mosquitoes in 5 minutes under test conditions based on 100% landing and biting inhibition against dengue/malaria mosquitoes after 35 minutes of product exposure under standard test conditions.
HOW TO USE1) Remove the plastic cap of the liquid refill bottle.
2) Screw the liquid refill bottle onto the heater by rotating in a clockwise direction.
3) Plug the cordless gadget (220V) directly into a socket. Specially designed rotatable metal pins allow 90 degrees clockwise rotation. Only use gadgets in an upright position. For best results use Mortein Liquid electrical device. Always keep in an upright position.
For indoor use only. Use only in the vertical position.

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